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WalkingRich "Think With You Heart" Capsule *Presale Only*

WalkingRich "Think With You Heart" Capsule *Presale Only*

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Moving through life it's easy to get caught up in your head, often times stuck with no knowledge of being stuck, thinking every move we make is the right move, then boom you hit a brick wall & your world comes crashing down.

Then you realize everything you've been doing is wrong chasing money instead of living out your purpose, realizing you never really ever believed in yourself like you thought you did,  and being filled with so much hatred.

All these thoughts root from the mind and are very poisonous to the soul, You must learn to "Think With Your Heart" and flow. Fill every moment with love. They say the heart is the source of wisdom, higher intelligence, and intuition. While your mind is the source of thoughts, imagination, memory, will, and sensation.

Which would your prefer to follow the heart or the mind ?